Welcome to Kevin's Mini-World!

Since you're here, let's get informal! Let me kick this off first: For one, I really like the simple art (e.g., logo, icon).
I care about the fine details of the simple art and take the messages conveyed by each part of an artwork seriously.
As a result, I usually take charge of creating figures and tables, iterating the process after receiving feedback until everyone on the team is satisfied.

Additionally, I like to play Tetris and social deduction games (e.g., Mafia, Town of Salem)! I also like to make small games, so I brought here some games I have made for fun! Huge thanks to Daniel Shiffman, through whom I picked up JavaScript and learned to make games with the p5.js library.

Mini-Games created by Kevin Joo using p5.js
roll Roll and Roll
Platform Mouse

Keep the ball alive as long as you can!

You can change the direction of the ball with...
  • Mouse Click [Recommended]
  • Quick Loud Noise (e.g. Clap, Tapping on any hard object with a fingernail, etc.)
  • If you want to use the brief loud noise as a means of changing the ball's direction, you must ALLOW the microphone usage in the beginning.
  • You can start the game by clicking anywhere in the canvas once it's loaded.
roll Treasure Hunt

Collect as many treasure (PURPLE BOX) as you can!

You can move your box (GREEN) with...
  • Arrows (Up, Right, Down, Left)
  • Ten treasure boxes are scattered in the map, and each box is worth 10 points. You will be competing against the computer for the treasures!
  • The map is randomly generated, so in very rare cases, you may be trapped in some confined space. In that case, start over.
  • If you bump into any of computer agents (RED BOX), you will die.
  • What you see in the upper left corner is the whole map.
roll Draw Your Map!
Platform Mouse

Lead the ball to a black point while keeping it from dying by constantly drawing the platform

You can draw the platform by...
  • Mouse Drag
  • Once you lead the ball to a black point, all the platform drawings you made will be erased
roll Catch the Moles!

Get as many moles as you can in 60 seconds!

You can get a mole by...
  • Mouse Click
  • If you successfully get the mole, it will turn from black to red.
  • Don't forget -- You are timed!

Want to know more about me?

I love to share my knowledge with and help others, paving the way for them to gain what I learned with difficulty much easily and simply! I am very closely involved in Diversity & Inclusion in Computing Education (DICE) Program at UMD, in which I mentor six CS undergraduate students by meeting with them in person through Peer and Alumni Mentoring Program. Similarly, I am very grateful to the professors mentioned below, who have profoundly helped me advance as a researcher.

Dr. Fernando De la Torre
Dr. David W. Jacobs
Dr. Ngan T. H. Le
Dr. Leilani Battle
Carnegie Mellon
UMaryland / Meta

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach me over email, which can be found in my main homepage!

(It's not a typical soda!)